Tuesday, August 13, 2013

There she gose

I brewed a batch of Gose this weekend and pitched some harvested yeast from a batch of Berliner Weisse.  This was my first time harvesting yeast and I would say it has seemed successful so far.  The fermentation took off with yeast coming out of the airlock.  I'll try to figure out how to post a picture. This should finish out fairly quickly and I cannot wait to try it.  I neglected to take an o.g. reading so I won't know the exact abv, but that's alright.

I'm starting to plan out my next project.  I'm going to take a mini fridge that's been sitting out in my barn unused for about a year and convert it into a fermentation chamber/ keg fridge.  Just need to get the okay from the boss and buy the materials.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's been a few weeks

Well I just started to do this blogging thing and I'm already not keeping up with it...

The Saison I brewed I split into 2 carboys and tried 2 different yeast (WLP565 and WY3724).  Unfortunately I could only control the fermentation temp on one of them and I chose the White Labs strain.  It finished out beautifully at 1.008, but the Wyeast stalled at 1.020.  I transferred it to a 5 gallon carboy to let it sit a little longer and want to make it to the LHBS to pick up some pedio.  This could turn into a nice sour!

This past weekend I finally got around to brewing my Berliner Weisse.  Summers already half way over and it's only been in the fermenter for a little under a week :(  I really need to work on getting my brewing calendar together.  On the plus side this weeks brew session went much smoother on the new system.  No hot liquid pouring down my arms and legs!  I still need to get some thick rubber gloves to make the transferring of hoses go a little smoother.

I finally got around to putting together a starter, it's been a couple years, and that saved me $14 in yeast, plus the yeast were nice and healthy by the time I pitched.  Airlock activity could be seen within 12 hours.  My chest freezer is a little small so I was only able to fit one carboy in to control temp on (holding around 68 F)  The other is sitting in the 70 degree basement.

I'll let the Berliner Weisse sit in the carboy for another week or so before kegging, then I hope to reuse the yeast for a Gose.  I've not brewed one of these yet, but man are the good.  Another summer beer for the fall!

Well that's it for now.  I'm off to dig through the fridge to see what looks good to open up tonight!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

RainBarrel Brewing is open for business!

Not really but I can dream.  This past weekend was my first official batch on the new all electric system.  I've decided to keep this blog as a diary of sorts to keep track of my home brewing journey.

This last batch successfully made it into the fermentors, but not without a lot of trouble along the way.  With any new system or process there will be a learning curve, and I have a lot to work on.  The brewery is controlled with a BCS 460 and I don't think I correctly calibrated the temperature probes.  I also need to learn to correctly program the thing so I don't need to stand over the boil kettle turning the element on and off to prevent boil-overs...

I'm also working with tri-clamps for the first time and I got water all over the place.  Not just any water mind you hot water, and in some cases really hot water, and you know what, it kinda hurts when it pours all over your hands and down your leg.  I think I need to invest in some grilling gloves and maybe a full on body suite while I'm at it.  I probably won't go as far as the full body suite, but I can't say it didn't cross my mind.

I also learned that it takes a lot longer to cool 10 gallons of wort than it takes to cool 5.  Sure, common knowledge you say, but I wasn't really thinking about that when I started adding ice to run through my counter flow only to run out prior to hitting my target pitching temp.  I'm just lucky this first batch is a Saison, so a little higher temp shouldn't hurt too much.

Oh well, brew and learn.  I did have fun though and I can't wait to do it again.  I think my next batch is going to be a Berliner Weisse.  Kinda wish I had this on tap already now that we've had a few hot days, but better late than never.

I'll try to post info about my setup soon with some pictures for any looky-loos out there that my be interested, as if there's anyone reading this thing any ways.